Innovation in Business Making
One of the biggest competitive advantages you can have is well-managed technology. At Fortify we integrate existing knowledge, proven technology management processes and quality control to develop solutions that give you what you want – a network that works.

Managed Services:
Abin Network Solution look at managed services as a way to help our clients focus on their business, not their technology. We deliver proactive managed services that keep your network up and running, with superior network performance, security, and reliability.

Some of the benefits our clients have appreciated include proactive technology planning, regular network health checks, cost reduction, confidence in data security and reduced downtime.

  • Network Monitoring: We proactively monitor your network and address potential points of failure before they become critical.
  • Server Technical Support: Our disciplined approach to routine maintenance includes reporting on monthly server checks, patches, backup verification and anti-virus protection updates.
  • Server Replication: We partner with software providers to duplicate your server environment ensuring your business is always up and running.
  • Real-time Data Protection: When it comes to disaster recovery options, new solutions such as replication software or mail archiving provide a snapshot of your data on a moment-to-moment basis allowing for accurate recovery.
  • Backup Services: We offer various managed backup opportunities including on-line, hardware and software solutions.
  • Server Co-Location: Our expert team and Tier 1 systems look after connectivity, security and reliability for your servers, hosted in our data centre.
  • Hosted Services: We’ll be your host – everything from websites, email, and office applications to your dedicated line of business software.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority
Support Services:
Although reacting is expensive, sometimes you just need help right now. Not having a contract with us doesn't mean we can't help you. Our Network Professionals respond to support requests and on-site requirements as needed to provide rapid response to your technology challenges.

  • Helpdesk Support: When you need immediate help, our dedicated Network Professionals minimize disruptions to your work environment by remotely resolving issues.
  • On-Site Support: Let us come to you – whether you need scheduled maintenance or if an emergency arises, we’re ready to be at your office when you need us.
  • Installation: We offer a wide range of installation services for servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, firewalls and application software, just to name a few.
  • Vacation coverage: When your IT staff goes on vacation, our Network Professionals will be there to help.
  • Office Moves: Moving? Eliminate your headache and let us take care of your Network Infrastructure to ensure minimal business interruptions.
  • Network Cabling: We can install and certify network cables, patch panels, phone and data drops, setting your business up for success.

Consulting Services:
Often our clients have very successful network departments or technology plans in place, but might need an outside expert's review and input on how to make them better. Perhaps there is an upcoming ownership change and the owner wants a full assessment of the current technology. Maybe you realize your disaster recovery plans are out of date.

Abin works with you to identify your business needs to ensure your technology supports your future growth.

  • Network Assessment Reviews: Abin uses our exclusive methodology to provide you a detailed report indicating the current effectiveness of your network, highlighting any areas of concern and providing recommendations.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: We’ll walk you through the creation of a comprehensive plan to help you recover your technology in the event of a business disruption.
  • Data Restoration: Using our server test-bed we will recover your data, allowing you to test whether you are capturing all the information you need to keep your business going in case of a server failure.
  • Technology Planning: We will work with you to understand your business plan and how we can help make your technology support your goals.
  • Virtual Technology Officer: To get more out of your technology investments, let us focus on the IT strategy, planning and alignment of IT with your business objectives.
  • Website and Intranet Development: We will work with you to create and customize external and internal websites that fit your business.
  • Telecomm: Let us leverage our experience within the Telecomm industry to advise you on your voice and data infrastructure.
Product Services:
Delivering peace of mind means partnering with Tier 1 hardware and software vendors. Why Tier 1 partners? Our partnerships allow us to deliver on technology best practices, and provide access to escalation support when we need it.

  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Notebooks
  • Printers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Web Filtering/Anti-Spam devices and software
  • Anti-Virus hardware and software
  • Backup hardware and software
  • Operating System and Office
  • Consumables (eg. printer supplies, Fax supplies, Media etc.)
  • Refurbished equipment
  • Cabling supplies (eg. cables, jacks, panels, bix wafers etc.)
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